What's happening in Gaza and Israel right now is horrifying.

The availability of water, food, fuel, and medical supplies is critically low in Gaza. We urgently call for an immediate ceasefire. On Sunday, a truck carrying 45,000 bottles of water arrived in Gaza. Your donation to the Children's Emergency Fund supports these urgent humanitarian relief efforts.

Children have no part in starting wars, but are victims of their violence

  • All children affected by the violence in Israel and Gaza must be supported to find safety.
  • All children captured must be released immediately and unconditionally.
  • Humanitarian assistance must be scaled up to meet the demands of the crisis. Aid must not be withheld from children.

We are providing essential services and support to Palestinian children impacted by the ongoing conflict since 1953, and have had a permanent presence in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1973. We are present in the West Bank and Gaza. The existing humanitarian situation for families in the occupied Palestinian territory is already dire. Approximately 2.45 million people need humanitarian assistance, 1.2 million of whom are children.

Teams are working around the clock, procuring and pre-positioning critical supplies to support the unique needs of children and families when it is safe to do so. 

Right now, children are under increasing emotional and psychological pressure as they bear the brunt of the world's worsening crisis. For years, we responded to the unique needs of children impacted by conflict and displacement. Your donation to Children helps support this life-saving work.

Humanitarian Response

Teams are working around the clock, procuring and pre-positioning critical supplies to support the unique needs of children and families when it is safe to do so. These critical supplies include drinking water, hygiene and baby care items, food, blankets, and mattresses. Our staff are coordinating with humanitarian partners and Save the Children is contributing its expert knowledge to joint humanitarian working groups so that response plans include child-focused activities. We are also ready to deliver mental health and psychosocial support services, set up child-friendly spaces, and ensure children continue to have access to education and that the most at risk children are referred to protection-related services. 

In Egypt, Save the Children’s teams have procured critical supplies, including PPE, hygiene items, recreation kits and baby care items. Save the Children Egypt is working closely with the Red Cross to get essentials to families who need them.

In Lebanon, Save the Children and its partners are supporting children who have been displaced by the fighting. We have provided basics like mattresses pillows, and blankets to families in shelters.

Statement on the worsening situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel 

"We are extremely concerned about the worsening situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel.  

We condemn the killing of civilians – especially children – in the strongest possible terms. Children are always the most vulnerable in every conflict and must be protected. Children have the right to a life free from violence and to live in peace – no matter where they are born, or where they live.  

The number of civilian casualties – far too many of them children – continues to rise. Kidnapping, killing and maiming. Destroying homes, hospitals and other infrastructure essential to the livelihood of children. These are all grave violations of children’s rights. 
Enough is enough. We urgently call for the violence to stop.  
Emergency aid must be delivered, unimpeded. Children and their families must be allowed to seek safety. Humanitarian assistance must be scaled up to meet the demands of the crisis. Lifesaving aid must not be withheld from children. 
Children must be protected. Stop the war on children."

Millions of Children on the Frontlines of Conflict Are at Grave Risk

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Our research has found that after years of blockade and multiple cycles of violence from all parties to the conflict, four out of five children in the Gaza Strip report that they live with depression, grief, and fear, and caregivers reported that three out of five are self-harming. With every airstrike or rocket launched, children’s sense of safety is ripped away yet again, with a devastating psychological toll. 

Many are suffering from:

  • poor mental health including depression and anxiety
  • reduced access to education
  • losing their family and friends
  • life-changing injuries 

As violence escalates, thousands of children’s lives are at grave risk. Across the West Bank and inside Israel, unrest continues and children live in fear of arrest or displacement.

The only way to truly protect children’s lives and wellbeing is for all parties to halt this violence and do everything in their power to de-escalate the situation immediately, and to seek a lasting and sustainable peace.

How to Support Children Affected by Conflict

Without immediate support, the world’s most vulnerable children are at risk of physical and emotional harm with devastating, lifelong consequences. That’s why We aork in the hardest-to-reach places, where it’s toughest to be a child. But we need your help. Together, we can fight threats to child survival. Donate to the Children's Emergency Fund today.

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